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Vaping 101
  Help yourself to our database of helpful e-cigarette guides and tips, including:
• How to fill your tank
• eGo Battery Safety
• Mod Battery Safety
• Voltage/Wattage Chart
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Vapor Junction FAQ
  Are all e-cigarette parts interchangeable between different models and brands?
No, the parts of an e-cigarette have different battery sizes and compatible tanks. Please email us at for your compatibility questions, and we’ll make sure you order the perfect match.
What do I need to get started?
You will need a battery, atomizer/tank, charger, and e-liquid. We have all the hardware you need to get started in our Kits> eGo Kits section. We suggest an eGo kit because they’re easy to use, small and portable, and produce a very satisfying e-cigarette experience for most users. Some e-cigarette users will desire a more powerful battery over time, and we suggest mods/APVs for experienced users.
What is mAh?
Mille-ampere-hours (mAh) measures the amount of energy that a battery can hold. The higher the mAh, the more energy the battery is capable of storing. You can expect longer use-time, longer charging, and larger batteries with higher mAh models.
What is resistance/ohm?
Ohms is a measure of electrical resistance, or how freely electricity is able to travel through something. A lower ohm # means less resistance, thus allowing more electricity to flow through your battery to the heating element. Ohm rating and battery voltage are the 2 things that determine how hot the coil element gets in your e-cigarette. Lower resistance and higher battery voltage create more heat for evaporation, which impacts flavor, vapor production, battery drain, e-liquid usage. We recommend further research for customers interested in lower ohm mods.
Are your products authentic?
We sell a wide variety of namebrand products and cloned APVs (advanced personal vaporizers). We have knowledgeable inventory managers who decide which authentic or cloned mods we carry, with cost, quality, and consumer interest being the deciding factors. We aim to serve our customers with the products they want for the best possible value. We will NEVER pass off a clone as an authentic.
How should I store my eLiquid?
Most importantly, store your e-liquid away from children and pets. E-liquid should be stored upright and away from direct sunlight in a cool, dark area, or at room temperature. Do not refrigerate e-liquid.
Why isn't my battery/e-cigarette working?
Most of our devices will be disengaged upon delivery, and will have to be turned on. Push the “fire” button 3-7 times until the light blinks, which turns on the device. Make sure the battery is charged. If issues persist, please contact us for troubleshooting.
What is your most popular V-lixir Labs e-liquid flavor?
Our top sellers are Cowboy Classic (tobacco), Mighty Menthol (menthol), Pain Killer (signature mixes), Tiger’s Blood (fruity), and Vanilla Goddess (bakery). Check out our “Best Sellers” category under the E-liquid tab for more exciting favorites.
There is NO diacetyl in any of our e-liquid.
Do you accept returns on e-liquid?
We aren’t able to accept returns on e-liquid that fails to meet taste expectations. Since taste is highly personal, we leave it to your discretion to choose a flavor based on your preference. We invite you to contact us over email or facebook for flavor suggestions.
Could I have received a “bad batch?”
To date, we have never produced a batch that failed to meet the standards of our customers. Producing numbered batches of V-lixir Labs e-liquid is one of our hallmarks of quality control. Should you perceive an issue with your e-liquid, please contact us immediately with the batch # located next to the barcode on the bottle.
What nicotine level should I choose?
This largely varies from person to person, depending on your cigarette preference and behavior. We often compare an unfiltered cigarette to a 24mg-36mg bottle of e-liquid, normal cigarette to an 18mg-24mg bottle, a light cigarette to a 12-18mg bottle, and an ultra-light cigarette to a 6mg bottle. Please use discretion, and we suggest selecting a lower grade nicotine level upon trial. Survey
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How do I contact you?
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