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Why Lab-Made E-Liquid

We understand that affordability plays a big factor in your choice of e-liquid, yet many economical e-liquids are made overseas with low-grade ingredients in comparison to American-made ingredients. Vapor Junction's signature e-liquid line, V-lixir Labs E-liquid, is created in an East Texas laboratory, providing an environment that guarantees quality, purity, consistency, and control. We believe that only United States Pharmacopeia-grade (USP-grade) ingredients are appropriate for the consumption of V-lixir Labs E-liquid, and stand committed to bringing our customers the safest product at an incredible value.

There is a lot of misinformation about e-liquid in the vapor industry, but you can be sure that every bottle of V-lixir Labs E-liquid will leave you with an exceptional vaping experience. Every flavor created the Vapor Junction laboratory is the result of hours of flavor tests, creative teamwork, and passion for our product. We won’t release a flavor when we aren’t 100% convinced that it represents V-lixir Labs quality. Our juice mixers are trained extensively before they handle our product, and follow a strict recipe for each batch of e-liquid. This way, we can assure consistency, quality and flavor performance in each bottle.