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Kringle's Curse- Halo
Our Price: $20.99

A delightful peppermint e-liquid flavor with immense vapor production and solid throat hit. It is a great choice for those seeking a more intense flavor than traditional menthol e-liquid blends or for those with a sweet tooth.
Longhorn- Halo
Our Price: $20.99

A rich fire-cured tobacco e-liquid offering a robust tobacco flavor with exceptional throat hit. This complex blend of tobacco, Corojo and Cavendish offers a deep flavored e-liquid bordering the intensity of a light cigar.
Malibu- Halo E-liquid
Our Price: $20.99

Like a frozen pina colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper, Malibu E-liquid has a nice, smooth flavor that is perfect for vaping poolside or at the beach.
Menthol Ice- Halo E-liquid
Our Price: $20.99

Menthol Ice E-liquid refreshes naturally, offering a consistently clean menthol taste in every drag.
Midnight Apple- Halo
Our Price: $20.99

A unique blend of rich tobacco layered with spiced Granny Smith apple top notes. The subtle apple flavor complements the underlying tobacco e-liquid base for the perfect combination of dry sweetness.
Southern Classic- Halo E-liquid
Our Price: $20.99

Enjoy the comforts of Southern living with this uniquely smooth, light tobacco e-liquid. Built on a light tobacco base with hints of honey, citrus and cloves, then topped off with a smooth Madagascar vanilla.
Sub Zero- Halo E-liquid
Our Price: $20.99

An intensely fresh experience packed with a triple menthol flavor. Designed for those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect, this premium e-liquid blend offers a subtly sweet mixed mint aftertaste.
Tribeca- Halo E-liquid
Our Price: $20.99

A new ultra-smooth tobacco e-liquid with slight hints of vanilla and caramel. Tribeca has definitive tobacco undertones with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 e-liquid and other treasured tobacco e-liquid blends.
Turkish Tobacco- Halo E-liquid
Our Price: $20.99

Turkish Tobacco E-liquid offers an excellent combination of sun-cured tobacco flavor with a light semi-sweet top note. This unique flavor is characteristic of the original Turkish Tobacco cultivated off the coast of the Black Sea, and has a relatively mild tobacco flavor.